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Nutrients, Minerals & Habits | Cellular Health

So, Vital To Everyday Health, Particular Micro And Macro Nutrients As Well As Essential Vitamins Are Required. Some Of These Micro And Macro Nutrients Include Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats And Fibre. As Well As Essential Minerals Such As Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium And Iron. Although There Are Many Variations Of Each Type Of Nutrient. Such As Saturated Fats Including Trans Fats And Unsaturated Fats Including Monounsaturated Fats And Polyunsaturated Fats. So, Alongside Fats You Have Protein, Fibre And Carbohydrates.

Nutrient & Mineral Variation | Metabolism

All Of Which, Just Like Fats, Have Different Variations. These Nutrient And Mineral Variations Are Used By The Body For Energy Production, Cellular Respiration And Cell Reproduction. As Well As All Metabolic Processes. To Keep You Alive, Healthy And Energised By Rebuilding Cell Tissue Quicker Than The Storms Of Life Or Detrimental Habits Can Break Them Down.

Cellular Tissue And A Healthy Body Comes Down To Anabolic Processes In Response To The Injuries You Encounter. And, Primarily Keep The Biomechanics Moving From Day To Day.

Oxidation & Oxidative Stress | Cellular Health

Oxidation Is The Result Of Injured Or Damaged Cells. A Constant State Of Oxidation Is When The Body Is Breaking Down Quicker Than It Can Rebuild Healthy  Cells And Tissues. This Can Be The Result Of A Poor Diet And Malnourishment, Smoking Or Excessive Drinking  Of Alcohol And Other Sugar Packed Soft Drinks. Oxidation Is The Breakdown Of Healthy Tissues As A Detriment – Cells Are Dying. Catabolism Is When Your Body’s Catabolic Processes And Immune System Is Intentionally Deconstructing Damaged Cells Or Food/Nutrient And Minerals Sources In Your Diet Before Anabolic Processes And Your Immune System Repairs The Damaged Tissue At The Site Of Injury.  Whether These Processes Are Visible Or Not, This Biomechanics Process Is Going On Every Day And Night 24/7 For Your Entire Life.

The Imperative Correlation Between Daily Life, Exercise, Fatigue And Pain Comes Down To Your Diet And Habits. So, Ultimately Your Energy Sources, Or Fuel.
But, Like Everything, Without Fuel And The Proper Constituents – Things Don’t Operate Properly.

Life, Exercise & Diet | Cellular Health

So When It Comes To An Active Life, Sports, Or Any Activities For That Matter. – The Body Requires Fuel Specific For Powering The Biomechanics Of Your Body, Especially During High Intensity Exercise Throughout Prolonged Periods Of Both Physical And Psychological Stress. But, Such High Amounts Of Stress On Your Muscles, Bones, Ligaments, Vital Organs And Mind Takes A Toll. So This Is Why You Need To Intake Foods And Liquids To Supplement Vital Nutrients And Mineral Loss In The Body.

Diet Choices & Supplementing

The Necessity To Supplement In Order To Help Your Body Tolerate And Thrive During Stress In Life Or High Intensity Exercise. Therefore, Not Only Is It Important To Provide Your Body The Correct Fuels To Burn During Day To Day Life Or During High Intensity Exercise. It Is Also Crucial To Provide The Correct Minerals And Nutrients To Allow Your Body To Recover. Allowing Your Body To Recover By Repairing Damaged Cells And Regenerate New Tissues For Muscle, Ligament And Bone Growth.

But, Whilst Intaking Necessary Proteins, Carbs And Fats To Burn During Physical Activity. And, Having The Nutrients To Metabolise During The Recovery Period Post Exercise Is Important For Your Body. It Is Equally As Important To Consume Unsaturated Fats For Optimal Cognitive Performance And Preventing or Overcoming Chronic Fatigue.

So Bottom Line. The Protein Bars, Energy Bars, Protein Water And Other Health Drinks And Health Foods Available On The Holistic Health Store Will Keep Your Weight Down Whilst Fuelling Both Your Physical Performance And Your Psychological Performance.

Nervous System & Mind/Body Connection

So Fats, Unsaturated Fats Including Polyunsaturated Fats And Monounsaturated Fats Are Both Fatty Acids. These Fatty Acids Are Used By Your Cells Throughout The Metabolic Process To Metabolise Carbohydrates And Fats To Create Energy. (A. Energy For Your Body To Reproduce And Repair The Cells Throughout The Physiology That You Consist Of. (B. Create Energy For Output, So Your Brain And Foot Can Talk To Each Other Essentially. Neural Transduction, Both Conscious Thought, Physical Output And Sensory Receptivity Require Fuels, Energy And Tools Every Second Of Every Day. Night And Day The Cells Within Your Body Are Working Harder Than You Probably Ever Have To Keep You Alive, Safe And Healthy.

Neurons, The Cells That Your Brain And Nervous System Are Made Of. The Cells Responsible For Signalling Every Action, Movement, Thought And Autonomic Survival Instinct. Exaggerated Neuronal Activity, or Neuronal Excitation Require Both Energy And Fuel. It Is Proven Consuming Healthy Amounts Of Polyunsaturated And Monounsaturated Fats Improve Both Physical Levels Of Neuronal Excitation And Cognitive Acuity. As Well As Improving Endurance In Both Physical And Psychological Activity.

To Put It Simply; Be Sharper, For Longer. So, Unsaturated Fats Are Necessary. And, Extremely Affective For Sufficient Rest, Recovery And Regeneration Of Both Your Physical And Psychological States.